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The objective of ‘Bijoyee’is to be one of the leading local search engines in Bangladesh. We provide users of our ‘Bijoyee’ search service with information and user reviews from our database of local businesses, products and services across Bangladesh. Our search service is available to users through multiple platforms: Internet, mobile Internet, telephone (voice) and text (SMS).

We aim to provide fast, free, reliable and comprehensive information to our users, which we believe will create a network effect to attract more search queries.We believe that we will establish Bijoyee as a well-known Bangladeshi brand on the Internet. In addition, through our dedicated phone numbers and user friendly mobile phone interface, we will be able to attain significant mind-share with users for their local search needs.

Our search service bridges the gap between our users and businesses by helping users find relevant providers of products and services quickly while helping businesses listed in our database to market their offerings. Our search service is particularly relevant to SMEs, which we believe, currently, do not have many other cost effective options to access and advertise to such a large number of potential consumers.

Listing on our search service provides businesses with exposure to users at a time when the users are making apurchase decision. Businesses may choose to pay for a listing to be featured on a priority basis in our searchresults, which we call a ‘campaign’. We call businesses that pay for this service ‘paid advertisers’. Paid advertisers have the flexibility to choosedifferent levels of priority in the search results for different geographic areas and products and services.

By providingfast and free access to our database, we provide a compelling user experience that will create a network effect and attract a large number of users who search for information to Bijoyee. These large numbers of users will, in turn, prompt more businesses to pay for listings and become paid advertisers in order to be featured in our search results on a priority basis.

Search made simple-Here is the heart of what makes our user’s life simple:

  1. Auto-suggest feature for search
  2. Search and Transact engine
  3. Enriched data with pictures / videos / directions / maps
  4. Being a one stop destination for various needs
  5. Ratings and reviews by users with a special focus on Friend’s Ratings
  6. More than 20 search plus services in the portfolio
  7. Location based search services
  8. Company / product / category searches